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  • Rigid steel construction for 24/7 operation.
  • Closed loop impulse heat sealer with multiple functions including individual timers for heat, cooling and a signal for completion.
  • Semi automatic operation.
  • Fully gated and guarded for safe operation.
  • Optional infeed and out feed conveyors to move the foam bun to and away from the press.
  • Optional compression height stop positions picked from the control panel.
  • Optional press sizes for different bun dimensions.
  • Optional panels built to local codes such as CE or UL.



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Foam Bun Packaging System

hydraulic press used to compress and package open cell foams

The foam packaging system will save transportation costs by reducing foam bun volumes allowing you to pack more foam in the same area.


US Webcon offers a Foam Bun Packaging System to help your company significantly reduce it’s shipping costs. This unit is designed to compress bagged open cell polyurethane foam using a hydraulic press as a vise to reduce the height without distorting the horizontal dimensions. After the desired compressed height is achieved the bag opening is heat sealed with an integrally mounted impulse heat sealer. The foam bun is conveyed into and out of the press using a multi-belt internally mounted conveyor. This machine will be designed to meet your specific production needs with numerous features and options to fit your requirements.

finished heat sealed bag containing a compressed foam bun

Foam bun that has been bagged, compressed and heat sealed at 15 to 20 percent of its original height.

Diagram showing the process of starting with a bagged foam bun on the infeed conveyor, the press and a finished compressed bagged bun on the out feed conveyor.


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