Automatic Winders


  • Rigid steel sideplate construction for 24/7 operation.
  • Automatic cored mandrel loading magizine.
  • Serrated knife using pneumatic actuation based on a footage pre-select cuts product rolls to length.
  • Positive transfer system using linear bearing guides to prevent web wander during transfer.
  • Surface or surface center winding.
  • Precision slitting using shear or score cut knife holders with multiple bowed rolls for slit separation.
  • Closed loop load cell or dancer tension control.
  • Machinery supplied with AC or DC Drives, Optional Touch Screens, and various PLC's.



Guide to Slitting Methods

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Automatic Surface Winder

See manual Two Drum Slitter Rewinder

automatic surface winder for continuous winding

The above Automatic Surface Winder is designed to continuously wind nonwovens, textiles and paper web products. The machine will automatically wind, discharge a finished roll and start a new roll winding without operator intervention. Optional inline slitting is available.

US Webcon offers a complete line Automatic Surface Winders to meet your production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements. The LDW model Automatic Surface Winder shown above is designed for automatic continuous winding of high loft nonwovens, other nonwovens and fabrics. This design allows for winding of large diameter rolls because the roll is surface wound but center supported. Complete control of package density can be achieved through variable pressure at the winding bedroll nip point.

Inline Shear Cut Slitting Module

Inline Shear Cut Slitting Module

The inline shear cut slitting module shown above can be placed in any US Webcon Automatic Surface Winder. This slitting module included five (5) shear cut knives with rack and pinion positioning and two bowed rolls. The first bowed roll is used to smooth the web and the second bowed roll placed after slitting is used to separate the individual slit webs.


  • Shear or Score cut slitting.
  • Single or dual bowed roll slit separation. Dual bowed rolls allows both more slits and narrower slits.
  • Driven bowed rolls for low tension webs.
  • Pneumatic female knife shafts.
  • Integral pull rolls.
  • Turret unwind stands for continuous unwinding available.


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US Webcon can modify the above Automatic Winder to meet your specific needs and requirements. Call us to discuss your application with one of our engineers at (570) 644-1401.



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