Unwinds & Winders

narrow web center driven rewind with floor pick up
This cantilevered center rewind was designed to wind a narrow web film. The machine included a cantilevered load cell with feedback to the drive and a floor level roll pick up using a single pneumatically actuated cylinder.





Narrow Web Handling

US Webcon offers a complete line of narrow web Unwind and Rewind stands to meet your production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements.

  • Ideal for webs less than 30" wide
  • Keep in mind that most unwind / rewind designs can be configured to accommodate narrow webs

Narrow Web Winding Equipment
Both single position and two position cantilevered winders are detailed on the following link along with a two position cantilevered unwind stand.

Narrow Web Salvage/ Inspection Winding System
This machine can operated as a salvage winder to correct web defects or as a web inspection platform.

Narrow Web Festoon Accumulator
The narrow web festoon accumulator can be used with US Webcon winding equipment to unwind and rewind product web continuously roll to roll.

Complete Narrow Web Handling Line

Narrow Web Inspection Winder
The US Webcon narrow web inspection winder is designed to inspect the web surface of paper, film, and non-woven products on a roll to roll basis using back lighting or optional top lighting to highlight web defects.

Narrow Web Turret Winders
The cantilevered shafted turret rewind stand detailed on the following linked page is designed for automatic continuous center winding of paper along with the use of a festoon accumulator.

Tapeless Transfer Automatic Turret WinderZSTW Cantilevered Zero Speed Turret Winder with Tapeless Transfer

Zero Speed Tapeless Transfer Turret Winder is designed along with the use of an Accumulator for automatic continuous center winding of small or large rolls using a tapeless transfer enveloper. A cross cut knife makes a no fold back transfer.

Shaftless Turret RewindShaftless Turret Rewind

Narrow Web Modular Winding System
A complete narrow web handling line is shown and detailed on the following link including; two single position cantilevered unwinds, splice tables, web festoon accumulator, pull roll and turret rewind.

Splice Boards & Tables




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