Coating Heads


  • Rigid steel structural tubing construction for 24/7 operation.
  • Chrome plated or rubber covered anvil rolls
  • Standard manual splice jump feature.
  • Dial indicator readouts graduated to tenths or thousands as required
  • Various blade profiles available.
  • Optional ovens and steam can web dryer units available.
  • Optional unwinds and rewinds available.
  • Optional digital readouts and absolute linear encoders to indicate current knife gap setting.
  • Control packages using AC vector drives and state of the art PLC controllers.


Guide to Slitting Methods

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Go to continuous Coating Line with Web Handling Equipment

Knife over Roll Applicator

The above Knife over Roll Applicator was designed and manufactured
for a local textile mill to coat industrial fabrics.

Knife over Roll Coater

US Webcon offers a complete line of knife over roll and knife over air coaters and coating heads to meet your production needs with numerous features and options to fit your specific requirements The above detailed knife over roll coater is designed to perform gap coating on textiles, nonwovens and other web materials and present them to an oven for drying. This coating method works well for high viscosity coatings such a plastisols.

Knife over roll Coater

The above Knife over Roll Coater drawing shows the web path thru the machine.


Complete Knife Over Coating Line


The line shown above was designed to coat Kevlar for military armor applications using a knife over roll coater.  All the required web handling equipment is included.


Equipment List:

  • Unwind Stand with load cell tension control

  • Unwind Accumulator with integral Pull Roll

  • Driven Knife Over Roll Coater

  • Rewind Accumulator with integral Pull Roll and Interleaf Unwind

  • Center driven Rewind Stand with load cell tension control


  • Continuous roll to roll operation

  • Designed for hazardous location

  • Integrated control system using touch screen HMI's

  • Integrated pull rolls

  • Center driven Rewind Stand with load cell tension control

Coating Heads Configurations

  • Knife over Roll Coater

  • Knife over Roll Applicator

  • Knife over Air Coater

  • Blade over Roll Coaters

  • Kiss Coaters

  • Padders

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  • All of the above coating heads are available. We can build units to be installed into existing lines or we can integrate them into new US Webcon lines. Call us to discuss your application at (570) 644-1401.


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