Slitter Winders

Basic - Wide Web

  • Designed for medium or heavy applications
  • Single or multi position winding
  • Cantilevered or removable mandrel shaft options
  • Locked core and/or differential winding
  • Accommodates web width to 100"
  • Single position rewind roll diameter to 40"; multi position to 30"

NSR - Narrow Web

  • Designed for light applications; tape, label, pilot plant, laboratory, etc.
  • For slitting, salvage winding, and de-lamination of small rolls
  • Web width to 30"
  • Cantilevered with outboard supports
  • Requires only 27"x28" of floor space

Selvage Edge Trimmer

  • Designed to cut webs with minimal tension
  • Upper and lower knives are driven for difficult webs
  • Hand wheel positioned

Dual Drum Surface Slitter Winder



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