U.S.Webcon manufactures a wide variety of equipment for the nonwovens, paper, geo-textile, and film web handling, converting and finishing industries.

We custom design our machinery to fit our customer's application specifications. By tailoring the equipment we are able to provide our customers with machinery that truly fits their needs.

We will work with you and your company's product samples and specifications to determine whether heavy, medium, or lightweight construction is required, what levels of automation best fit the application, line speed, and how to best fit your floor space and operator needs.

The result is machinery that works hard and fits seamlessly into the production environment for which it was designed.

Due to the custom nature of our machinery we have divided our machinery into separate function categories to help you to find more specific information. As a result, some machinery is shown in multiple categories throughout the site. Different functions of a system are discussed under their appropriate headings. For example the ZSS (zero speed splice) unit is discussed on the splice page as well as the winding page, with different information on each sub-page. So please explore the site and don't hesitate to click on a picture that you may have already seen.

We also build work / prep stations, mezzanines, support structures and other additional equipment needed to round out a line.

In addition to our regular product line we will build to print, and we also rebuild equipment. For more information please call us at (570) 644-1401.




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