Impulse Sealer Butt Splicer


  • Rigid steel structural tubing construction.
  • Small defect butt splice (not overlap).
  • No problems with trying to splice high release foam with tape.
  • Heavy duty 8" pneumatic cylinders.
  • Heat Dwell Timers.
  • Cool Down Dwell Timers.
  • 230 Vac Single Phase operation or 480 Vac 3 Phase.


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Impulse Butt Slicer

Video showing how web material is to be placed in the splicer and how a splice is formed


Impulse Sealer

The above Impulse Sealer is used to perform butt seams and splices in web substrates.


US Webcon offers a line of heavy duty impulse butt splicers designed to make butt seams and splices in web substrates.  The ends of the two webs are placed in between a heated platen and a cold forming platen.  The platens are closed and heated up to temperature, cooled and when the press opens the waste material falls or is pulled away.  A single continuous spliced web is pulled from the press with a small beaded seam.  This process makes a minimal defect as opposed to a large taped splice.

Impulse Sealer

Butt Splice Movie


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